The Meadow

We have one and a quarter acres of wildflower meadow which we now manage as a nature reserve. The meadow has not been ploughed for well over 110 years and is typical of unimproved Worcestershire grassland, now becoming very scarce. We planted two small copses of native trees in the spring of 2000 to increase the diversity of the habitat, and these have now matured into young woodland. We have also planted hundreds of cowslips and primroses, all raised from seed from the one or two plants which already existed in the meadow, and we plant more each year.

The meadow is home to badgers, rabbits, mice, moles, voles and a range of birdlife. It also supports many butterflies and moths including a colony of Marbled White butterflies. The grass is species rich with many common wild flowers in abundance. We maintain a mown path through the grass to give easy access to enjoy the wildlife and the extensive views of the beautiful Worcestershire countryside to the south and west. The best time to visit the meadow is in June and July. (Preferably on a warm, still day!)

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