Talks to clubs and societies

Rob can offer digital or ‘hands on’ talks on a number of subjects, including the following:-

  • ‘The Spring Garden’
  • ‘Summer Perennials’
  • ‘Some New Zealand Plants and Gardens’
  • ‘Birth of a Dream’ - the story of our Meadow Farm Nursery
  • ‘Perennials from Seed’ - a hands-on demonstration of our seed sowing secrets. This is a particularly popular talk, and makes a change from slides
  • ‘Alpines for Everyone’
  • ‘Plants – the Real Thing’ - a discussion, with live plant material
  • ‘The Plants at Meadow Farm’
  • 'Personal Touches' - the use of ornament in the garden
  • 'Shady Partners'
  • 'Flowers of the Swiss Engadine'
  • 'Look at that!'
  • 'A Passion for Seed'
  • 'A Year at Meadow Farm'
  • 'Fostering a Worcestershire Wildlife Meadow'
  • 'Garden Styles'
  • 'Some Dublin Gardens'
  • 'Autumn Fare' - a look at what to grow for autumn interest
  • 'From Snowdrops to Daffodils'

If you are interested please contact us by telephone (01527 821156) or e-mail us on

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