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Rob and Diane Cole moved from Birmingham to Meadow Farm in September 1998 to seek a more rural way of life. To enable them to continue running their plant growing business from this new location they set about building a new ¾ acre nursery in part of their 2 acre meadow, before turning their attention to creating a garden in the one acre plot to the rear of the house.



Today the garden is laid out as a blend of formal and informal areas, and includes a natural stream, paved and seating areas, vistas and enclosed spaces, a scree bed and wide borders of herbaceous planting. The remainder of the 2 acre meadow is now managed as a wildlife reserve to encourage native flora and fauna.


Private group visits to the garden can be arranged, by appointment, and a range of plants will be available for sale. Visits can be arranged from May to August when the garden is at its peak.


The former nursery which specialised in herbaceous perennials, propagated and grown on site, has now ceased production after 30 years of happy and successful operation.  A few choice plants are still propagated and offered for sale to visiting groups.




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